Some Best Resolution and Goals for 2018

Some Best Resolution to achieve your goals in 2018


Friends, All we are successfully moving forward with a fresh New Year. New Year is a festival where we can start our life with a fresh start, we are having 365 blank pages of the year, and it is on you how to fill it up. You are not bounded to take some resolution on the eve of new year, but I think we should take at least one resolution that we can called it as our goal of year which we want to improve. What will cause to your life, this will get rid of one of the weakness in you.

So here I have made a list of some resolution, some are irrelevant to you but you can find some are definitely relevant to you. From the list, only choose the resolution which you can follow strictly and honestly so do not choose, more only choose some. So let’s begin with the following list of some popular resolutions,

  1. Begins each day with smile 

Wake up with Smile Every morning makes a flow of positive in you so this will be a good resolution to improve positivism. Be happy always and promise yourself to wake-up with a good smile every morning.

  1. Exercise 5 days a week

Our health is our wealth. So take this as your priority

Go for morning/evening walk regularly

Become more active. Reduce stress

  1. Talk at least three times a week with parents

If you are living outside to your home, you should talk to your parents at least three times a week. Parents are the only one who stands with you in any type of situation.

  1. Reach office/college on time

Be on time always. Time is the one which we cannot recovered if it is gone. So we should take care of it.

  1. Behave politely with everyone

This is one to improve your personality. This will definitely work towards self-improvement

  1. Spent lot of  time with family

Family are our backbone. Spent lots of time with family. Parents have an amazing life experience so gain it.

  1. Reading books (specially self-improvement books)

Reading is very good habit. In this reading books, improve your knowledge. This is a good step towards self-improvement.


  1. Learn any new foreign language

Learn any foreign language makes you a skilled person. Now a day’s knowledge foreign language is very important.

  1. Not to talk bad about anybody

If this is your habit then please change it.

  1. Do not spent more than half an hour a day on Facebook

It is a total waste of time to spent much time on Facebook

  1. Do not watch TV more than 3 hours

Watching Television more cause many health problem like eye problem, obesity etc. So limit this habit.

  1. Enjoy Life more

Life getting once so live it to the fullest. Do not kept anything which will cause regret to you. This is package resolution in which we can do many things for this.

Learn to be happier with your life

  1. Improve your concentration and mental skill

Meditation and yoga plays a very important role in this. Doing regular meditation improves concentration and mental skill. And this will very useful if you have these qualities.

  1. Get out of debt

Don’t take anything from anybody until it is on peak need.

  1. Learn something new each day

Learning is a lifelong process. A man is dead when he stops learning. Learning new things improve your knowledge and skill.

  1. Help others


  1. Look out the positive aspect of everything

Always be positive makes you a confident person and get what you want to achieve.

  1. Keep your working/study place neat and clean

To make concentration on study and work you should keep your working and place clean and systematic. Arrange all the things in a place reachable by your table.

  1. Quit smoking/Tobacco
quit smoking

Chewing tobacco and smoking is very bad for health. Make a resolution to quit this bad things. If you are doing it successfully your family too be very happy

  1. Wake up early in the morning

Wake up early in morning is very good habit. This will makes an hour to your day.

Following are the few more Resolutions for this year, make a look over it.

  1. Earn more money
  2. Learn how to dress up with style
  3. Looks always good
  4. Make others happy
  5. Write a personal diary every day
  6. Go to bed Early at night
  7. To provide free tuition to at least one poor and needy student
  8. Sleep for at least 7 hours a day
  9. Save some amount every month
  10. Visit at least one NGO every month
  11. Pray at least 5 minutes a day
  12. Start an alternative way of income (like insurance advisor, freelancer etc.)

Friends, I hope you like the above Resolution list. I have tried to put as much as possible the best resolutions list for you. And Friends Don’t keep such good things only to you Share this with your loved one is also a good habit. Share this with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp So that they can also takes some advantage of it.

Friends, If you have any other good resolutions please comment us. If you like this post please follow us.


Thank you


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