Karnataka election result update

As we are all know that today is the result of election. 

So we can see the trend shows BJP will be the biggest party in Karnataka.

  1. Congress candidate from BMT layout, Rankings reddy, is leading.
  2. Bjp leader ks eshwarappa is leading in shimoga rural.

Bjp 109

Congress 71

JD(s)+.  40

Oth.   2

Disclaimer: on may 12,2018 voting was held in 222 out of 224. Time 01 PM

There is total 224 seats in Karnataka in which BJP leads with 109 seats and congress leads with 72 seats and JDS+ with 40 seats. To make the goverment a party need total 112 seats. 

We can seen the MODI lahar in Karnataka also as in other states.

Now if BJP make the goverment in Karnataka then total 25 states has the goverment of NDA.

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